Georges Mathieu (French, 1921-2012), Composition rouge et or sur fond bleu, 1997. Oil and mixed media on paper, 37.5 x 57.5 cm.

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nothing honestly gets me more livid than a white person saying ‘ur racist towards white people’. like naw hoe shut the fuck up. yo white ass ain’t allowed to say that shit. call me when ur people are getting killed for just existing. call me when ur women are the punchline to every joke on twitter and instagram. call me when ur culture is being appropriated and sold right the fuck back to u. C A L L M E. 

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The most dangerous thing society teaches boys and men, especially white boys and men, is that their emotions are objective logic and reason and that anyone who disagrees is being irrational.

Few things frighten me as much as fellow men who a) honestly believe they are devoid of emotion and b) see themselves as superior because of it.

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Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading The People, 1830


Eugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading The People, 1830

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'Sylvie by Bernhard Willhelm' in A Beginner’s Guide, 1998.

Fashion! Antwerp! Academy!: 50 years of Fashion Academy, Lannoo Publishers

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